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Alan Law's Mountain Web-Site—Introduction

I live in the Pennines in West Yorkshire, England, and have been interested in the mountains for many years.

On these pages you will find reports on various mountain excursions since year 2000. I particularly like the quiet cold places North of the Arctic Circle. Nordland, in the North of Norway, is the area that I visit most frequently. Mountain travels in recent years have also taken me to Canada, Greenland and Sweden.

These reports may be of interest to people who wish to visit the areas in question. But they do not provide information which would help in the general organisation of such trips—there is no advice on how to approach the mountains or on the location of huts, where such huts exist. I have in places given an account of the routes taken on the mountains themselves. Most of the areas indicated demand a willingness to carry a large rucksack, with food and equipment for the duration of any excursion. The areas are in some cases inaccessible and in other cases subject to difficult weather. They are all wild and beautiful places, and I hope they remain that way.

I made many trips prior to year 2000. These are not mentioned partly because I do not want to spend much time looking back at the distant past. As it happens, some of the trips in recent years have been the best.

Like many people who visit the mountains, I carry a camera. I do not currently have any photographs on this web-site, and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, I am reluctant to buy a scanner which could not also be used for the purpose of making prints etc. Quality scanners suitable for medium format images are still very expensive. Secondly, time is better spent in capturing the images than in publishing them—necessarily in a compromised form—on a web-site. I can publish them later!

I might explain here that Frostisen, as referred to in the domain of this web-site, is a small ice-cap in the Nordland mountains. I hope to pay a visit before too long.

Although I have not, on these pages, provided information for the planning of trips to the mountains in question, I would be willing to respond to any e-mail enquiries. I would also be very glad to hear from anyone who is already acquainted with any of the mountain areas mentioned.

Alan Law

08 November 2003

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